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In a globalized world, ignoring the importance of cultural differences to human relations can quickly lead to failure. These differences can be more or less marked depending on the countries involved but are brought to the foreground when it comes to any initiative where two cultures meet. Habits, cultural codes, protocol, and customs can suddenly transform into insurmountable barriers if we lack the knowledge needed to handle them.

If your teams are multicultural, if you have clients or suppliers abroad, if stereotypes are hindering your relations and your versatility is being put to the test; if a contrived uniformity means that culture shock threatens your success, then the performance of your company could be in danger. Quality intercultural support is essential to break the deadlock, overcome your obstacles and successfully adapt to the new environment.

There is no time to lose. Panorama Interculturel provides you with the expertise, local knowledge, and tailored approach you need for success.

Our services

Sessions in French, Spanish, English and Italian

Our services are available in all the languages listed, according to the preferences and requirements of our clients.

Face to face or remotely

We offer consultations both face to face in your offices and remotely via Skype.

Personalized Coaching

Using a questionnaire, we determine your requirements and the priorities for the sessions in order to tailor our services to your precise needs.

General Aspects

Concerning the background and general information regarding the relevant country. A comprehensive overview, essential when discovering a new environment.

Practical Aspects

An insight into all the practical details that you and your teams will face. A hands-on approach to local idiosyncrasies enabling you to concentrate on your performance with complete peace of mind.

Cultural Profile by Country

Each country has its own identity and its own cultural dimensions. These aspects have an enormous influence on how we work and create contacts. Identifying them as clearly as possible allows you to better understand how to think and act effectively on the ground.

Meeting Experts from Each Country

With the goal of refining your knowledge, we offer meetings with experts from the countries concerned for a deepening of your understanding. A detailed and nuanced vision, crucial at the moment of an intercultural encounter.

Post Departure Follow-up

Once on site and dealing with a new cultural environment, unexpected problems can still arise at any time. We stay by your side to bring you the information you need to stay one step ahead.

Panorama Interculturel

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Co-founder and director of PANORAMA Intercultural.

Renata Martija Villalpando was born in Northern Mexico, near the border with the USA.  She grew up in the heart of both Californias, Mexican and American, between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, between the American desert and the urban landscape of San Diego and Los Angeles…read more

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